How AM Works

A potential customer navigates to our website, whether via search engines, paid advertisements, referral traffic, etc.
Our website connects to its database, which contains tons of data about the website’s categories, products, product dimensions and weight, articles and content, images, etc. The website requests this data to dynamically render any requested web pages.
After browsing the Our website, a potential customer adds a product or service to their virtual shopping cart and decides to check out.
The shopper completes the checkout process and finalizes the transaction.
The shopper’s credit card information is encrypted and sent to a Payment Gateway to handle the credit card processing securely and remotely.
Once the order is complete, and the payment has gone through, the website typically provides an estimated shipping time, a unique transaction number, postal tracking number, etc. Most of these processes are automated and part of a good Our website’s core functionality.
As transactions take place, orders are stored in the website admin and sent to an order fulfillment team. Order fulfillment can be done in-house or by a third-party company/drop shipper.